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Vlaamse gemeenschapscommissie

The Flemish Community Commission’s artistic policy attaches great importance to quality and creation. And to people in places and situations beyond the ordinary canons of public and cultural experience.
Art is an essential part of human experience. Organizations contributing to the arts in this way can count on our support.


Escapades is a project that can be labelled as 'formidable'. It responds to a very important need: access to culture for all. Here, culture reaches out to the people who need it most, in their environment!

National Lottery
The redistribution of profits lies at the heart of the National Lottery’s mission. For 80 years, it has been supporting and guiding a wide variety of projects run by organisations with a humanitarian, social, sporting, cultural or scientific goal. Yearly, more than 200 million euros are redistributed to society. And it’s the lottery’s participants above all else who make this possible.